Casa Dom Azulejo is a small family business that emerged after we acquired this property as a family heritage. The house is much more than material heritage, because it was full of stories and memories of its residents. Therefore, this intangible heritage, has a incalculable value, so we recovered the building and kept the people who lived there.


We call Casa Dom Azulejo (azulejo = tile), because you can explore a showcase of tiles dating from 1850-1860, as well as panels lining its interior, which belonged to an old ceramic factory of great importance to the region.


We want to provide our guests with a stay with history, but where we preserve privacy and comfort.

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Casa Dom Azulejo is a small family business, created with the recovery of an old building, in which we intend to provide an unforgettable stay…


In a space full of history, both for its architecture and for the people who still live there!